Valuation Purposes

At Valuetec, we provide all forms of valuation and advisory services across most categories of property types. Different property types require the use of different valuation methodologies. Generally income producing properties require the utilisation of a detailed discounted cash flow analysis or the first years income capitalisation method. Specialised properties require the use of specialised methodologies and the comparable sales method is used for the valuation of residential properties and land etc. For insurance purposes, the estimated new replacement cost method is utilised and the depreciated replacement cost method can be utilised for market value purposes, where properties of a special or unique nature are encountered.

We are able to adapt our report formats to accommodate specific requirements and our services cover a wide spectrum of valuation purposes:

  • Market value for financial statement, disposal or acquisition purposes
  • Alternative use valuations
  • Developments
  • Market rental determinations for new leases, renewals or rental disputes
  • Estimated new replacement cost (ENRC) or Depreciated replacement value (DRV) for insurance purposes
  • Forced sale values for liquidation purposes
  • Valuation of assets for security purposes (mortgage finance)
  • Releasing of guarantees
  • Divorces
  • Valuations for rating purposes in order to appeal municipal valuations during supplementary valuation rolls
  • Valuations for expropriation purposes
  • Valuation of servitudes
  • Land claims
  • Valuations required to determine values for mergers or take-overs
  • Valuations for division of family or business property assets
  • Arbitration
  • Estate duty
  • Capital gains tax 

In addition to providing property valuation services, we have formed partnerships with various property professionals specialising in various fields of expertise, so as to provide our clients with a "1 stop service" for all their property related requirements.

This benefits our clients as follows:

  • Quicker turnaround times as info is passed between divisions and a colaborated team effort occurs.
  • Discounted rates as savings are passed onto our clients
  • Less fuss & admin, as there is 1 point of contact

Each particular service is discussed in more detail under it's respective tab under our services pages.

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